Let yourself be seduced by the Spanish emotion
EMOTION IN SPAIN offers something more than incentive trips to Spain...

We will combine for you our Mediterranean entertainment and culture, elaborating personalized work conference, by developing new learning procedures.

Combining 'Learning with the experience' with our travelling culture, based on the five senses we will make reality your 'challenge', live in a castle, fly over the cities in a balloon, live 'The Passion Of Christ' in Easter and the discovery of all the hidden culture and tradition secrets.

In this new sense of travel, EMOTION IN SPAIN, will offer the possibility of achieving a profitable investment to obtain the objectives of your company, becoming involved in our culture, always receiving more than you are expecting.

They say that time is money, we think that time is life, we offer from here the culture and entertainment to enrich your incentive programs and lives

In our incentive programs, you will find:

The contrasts of Spain and a sample of the happiness and enjoyment of our way of living, you will be able to sample the hospitality of EMOTION IN SPAIN, you will live the entertainment and culture by tasting our wine and gastronomy, enjoying our music and regional dances and finishing with a little shopping.